Record and manage offshore assets effectively, improving visibility and planning.

As wind farm asset management comes to the fore and large amounts of spatial data and subsea videos are being acquired, there is demand for an affordable management solution not currently on offer with conventional Geographical Information System (GIS) software. Offshore Marine Management's software solutions allow clients to obtain a GIS-based analysis of their own and any other data, without investing in a complete GIS infrastructure array and its related operating costs. Our ESRI based GIS can be used for cost modelling and risk mitigation data analysis on a fully hardware redundant/failover system. We can provide report recommendations in readily available formats, avoiding the need for clients to obtain GIS interpretation expertise in-house.

Offshore Marine Management has developed in-house developed software allows operators to manage both topside and subsea assets in terms of data storage, integrity monitoring, engineering design/maintenance and annual data comparison for highlighting interventions. The system can be used to service client Operations and Maintenance (O&M) software needs for monitoring and management of Offshore wind farms, including the integration of digital video (VisualGIS).  Alternatively, We can offer a standard GIS service for existing client data, independent of any current client operations.

Offshore Marine Management has developed the EPOCH Marine Management System as a software tool for monitoring and managing marine operations and assets on client projects. EPOCH is a bespoke web-based offshore marine management and marine coordination suite for OWF operators and marine cable installers. Readily available via a standard web browser, data can be accessed via a desktop or laptop.

The EPOCH system has been developed to offer unrivalled data capabilities, providing enhanced and variable data options for cable installation and marine and survey operations. The system can be customised for client-specific requirements for each project or geographical area, allowing designed and 'as-built' wind farm layouts to be displayed. Cable installation tension and depth-of-burial can also be displayed live, graphically and in tabular formats. The system can be used to monitor and record QHSE and personnel transfer/tracking information. All data is logged, recorded and available for export into other popular formats such as Microsoft excel.

EPOCH, combined with Offshore Marine Management's in-house GIS services or VisualGIS software creates a powerful total software solution for all wind farm operators and installers.

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Offshore Marine Management conceives a unique approach to a problem which would usually require the deployment of mulitple conventional ROV & diving spreads